Tau Community of Saint Francis - Embracing the Cosmic Christ in the marginalized

We are a cyber Lay Monastic Community of Brothers and Sisters who embrace Celtic Inter-spiritual Franciscan Spirituality from our Monastery Without Walls..........

We embrace the teachings of many of the great Spiritual Teachers including Meher Baba, Gandhi, Jesus, Buddha, Sri Chinmoy, Osho, Rumi,Baha'u'llah, Mohammed, Abraham, Celtic Saints, Saint Francis of Assisi, The Divine Feminine, Gaia, etc

As Interfaith Franciscans we 'Walk the Talk rather than Talk the Walk.'

Heart 2 Soul Spiritual Podcasts 
(led by Brother Sean)
Please click on Mic below

"Do not flee to solitude from the community, find God first in community then He will lead you to solitude." 

As an Eco Lay Monastic Celtic Franciscan Community we  enforced a 'NO PRINTING POLICY' so as to safeguard the Earth's

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